Sonic Redesign Story

By Jacob A. Allen @jacobaallen

Sonic Redesign

If you haven’t heard already, Sonic from the upcoming "Sonic the Hedgehog" live-action movie starring Jim Carrey as Sonic's nemesis Doctor Robotnik and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic received a full redesign. This is an unheard-of event in the movie industry. So you may be asking yourself how did this happen and why or who the heck is Sonic the Hedgehog? First off, Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game character. He was introduced back in 1991. He was created by the Sonic Team headed up by lead designer Yuji Naka for a new Sega Genesis video game called "Sonic the Hedgehog." Yes, Sega used to make video game consoles. Well fast forward a few years, Sonic became super popular having had multiple video games made with a diverse cast of characters. He was the main character of a few comic books and anime. He even became Sega's mascot. So now that we have a little back story, let's answer the question of why would a studio in their right mind spend millions to redesign Sonic?

Sonic Game

A few months ago, it was announced that a Sonic live-action movie was being made and fans were very excited about this. As the story goes, images where teased and a trailer was dropped for an upcoming summer blockbuster, but fans of the franchise and newcomers alike, were, to say the least, very disappointed with the design of Sonic. He did not at all look like the Sonic we all knew and loved. In the following days and weeks, social media was buzzed as fans shared their hate for the design in one loud voice. There was no love for this terrible design. Many popular artists shared how they would redesign Sonic. With this over the top loud cry of hatred, the movie producers announced that they would be redesigning Sonic and changing the release date of the movie to February 14, 2020. They did not want this to be another failure like the live-action Dragon Ball Z movie where the director apologized for the movie he made. 

Sonic Resign

Well, like before, teaser images were leaked and trailer was dropped earlier this week. Fans were not at all disappointed with this redesign. The character now looks like his video game counterpart. Sonic looks right now. This was in-part due to famed artist Tyson Hesse. Hesse, as announced on Twitter, was brought in to be one of the lead designers on this redesign. He worked with teams in LA, London, and Vancouver. The studios behind the movie now hope to make over 90 million dollars to recapture their investment and create sequels. If the long 3-minute trailer is to be believed, this movie is shaping up to be an epic success.